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This neighborhood is known for its well-maintained post-WWII homes. They are single-family, single-story houses with large lawns and very few fences. Simple in design, they are most commonly ranch style.
Adjacent to the neighborhood is Encanto Park, a large municipal park that contains two nine-hole golf courses, a lake and an amusement park. The homes’ design follow the same basic structure and size so that they follow a uniform look. However, small changes among properties such as driveway length and a transformation from ranch style to transitional-ranch style, give the neighborhood a more heterogeneous feel.
Encanto Manor attracted middle- and upper-middle class families who remained in the homes throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Lots were larger compared to other properties of the time.

Boundaries: Generally bounded by Thomas Road and Windsor, 7th Ave. and 15th Ave.

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