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Using MyRealPro transforms your home search. The DISC assessment pairs you with a real estate pro who genuinely understood your needs and preferences.

Your real estate pro can help you find the perfect home quickly, and the entire process will be smooth and enjoyable. The personalized approach makes all the difference!"

Step by Step Process for Buyers

Finding the right home starts with finding the right agent. At MyRealPro, we match you with a real estate professional who understands your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a delightful home-buying experience.

Take the DISC Assessment Test

1Complete our quick and easy personality test to help us understand your preferences.

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2We’ll match you with a real estate professional who aligns with your DISC profile

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3 Work with your matched agent to find homes that meet your criteria.

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4Benefit from personalized guidance and support throughout your home-buying journey.


What is the DISC Personality Assesment

We use the DISC assessment to unlock valuable insights into your personality that lead to more effective and personalized real estate pro matches.

The DISC Personality Assessment is a tool that evaluates an individual's behavior and personality traits based on four primary types: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Compliance (C).
Originating from the work of psychologist William Marston in the 1920s, its purpose is to help individuals understand themselves and others better. The philosophy behind DISC is that everyone is a blend of these four traits, each represented by different colors: red for Dominance, yellow for Influence, green for Steadiness, and blue for Compliance.
Today, DISC is widely used in various fields, including real estate, to improve communication, teamwork, and personal effectiveness.Each individual exhibits a unique blend of these traits, which helps in creating personalized matches in real estate, fostering better communication, and ensuring successful transactions.

Dominance (D)

Description: Direct, decisive, and driven by results.
Traits: Assertive, competitive, and confident.

Influence (I)

Description: Sociable, enthusiastic, and driven by social recognition.
Traits: Persuasive, outgoing, and energetic.

Steady (S)

Description: Calm, patient, and driven by stability and support.
Traits: Reliable, supportive, and cooperative.

Compliance (C)

Description: Analytical, precise, and driven by correctness and standards.
Traits: Detail-oriented, cautious, and systematic.

Why choose MyRealPro

Discover how our tailored approach, using a customized DISC personality test, connects you with the perfect real estate professional. Our service ensures personalized matches based on personality, working style, and communication methods, all for free

Personalized Matching

Our customized DISC personality test helps pair you with an agent who matches your personality and communication style.

Professional Guidance

Our experienced agents have a deep understanding of the local market.

Seamless Experience:

Enjoy a smooth and stress-free home-buying journey with the right support.

Buyer Success Stories

Please don't take our word for it. Here are just a few delighted clients we have enjoyed serving.

Donna Gilmore
happy buyer
"Working with MyRealPro made finding my dream home a breeze. The agent I was matched with understood exactly what I was looking for!"
Mika Huachuka
happy buyer
"The DISC assessment was spot-on in pairing me with an agent who really got me. Purchasing my condo in Scottsdale was a fantastic experience!"
Lisa Adelman
happy buyer
"Using MyRealPro was a game-changer for my home search. The DISC assessment matched me with an agent who truly understood my needs and preferences. Not only did we find the perfect home quickly, but the entire process was smooth and enjoyable. The personalized approach made all the difference!"

Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Have a question? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer you're looking for. If your question is not listed, then please get in touch with us.

MyRealPro uses a customized DISC personality assessment to understand your preferences and communication style, ensuring you’re paired with an agent who best suits your needs.

Yes, the DISC assessment is completely free for buyers to take on MyRealPro.

After completing the DISC assessment, you will receive your personalized profile and be matched with compatible real estate agents based on your unique traits.

Once matched, you can connect with your agent directly through the MyRealPro platform, where you can message, schedule meetings, and collaborate on your home search.

If you’re not satisfied with your match, you can request a rematch through MyRealPro, and we’ll find another agent who better fits your needs.

Yes, MyRealPro can match you with agents specializing in various types of properties, including residential homes, condos, apartments, and more.

MyRealPro Stats

Here is a quick snapshot of MyRealPro.

DISC Tests
Most Common Personality Type
1 % (D)
Least Common Personality Type
1 % (I)
Sold to List Ratio
9 %

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